Operation Resuscitation is an Irish Community Rapid Response initiative.  The aim is to train 25% of the population of Ireland in CPR and AED usage.  The ultimate goal is to save lives by giving ordinary people the tools to manage a friend or neighbour who goes into cardiac arrest.

There’s no commitment to join a Community First Responder scheme or to do anything else after you attend the training.  Just learn the skills, in case your friends or family ever need your help.  It can take only 1 hour of your time to do this.

Ireland has a 6% survival rate from cardiac arrest.  The best places in the world can resuscitate 26%.  Early and good quality CPR and early resuscitation could save as many as 400 extra lives each year in Ireland.  This means getting help from someone close to you.

Check out recent RTÉ coverage of Operation Resuscitation and read a real-live story about how a young guy’s life was saved by his friends who had learned the Operation Resuscitation skills.