Activity Report Q1-2016

Mayo ICRR is happy to announce the following activity for Q1 of 2016. It has been quite a busy period for our volunteer doctor.

In the first quarter of 2016 Mayo ICRR has responded to a total of 35 calls for assistance from the HSE National Ambulance Service. This included a number of serious road traffic collisions and cardiac arrests as well as other critically ill and injured patients. Our volunteer doctor responds to an average of 3 calls per week. In many cases, interventions were performed on-scene that otherwise would not have been done until after the patient arrived in hospital. A number of patients required aero-medical evacuation.

This is an increase in activity of 84% compared to Q4 of 2015, our first full quarter in operation.

Mayo ICRR does not receive any central funding and relies on the support of the local community which it serves. We have a role to suit most people. If you would like to become involved please see